Join our virtual challenges to keep you motivated and on track all year long with the support of active and adventurous minded people just like you!

These challenges will be hosted on private L2S facebook pages to track activity and for added accountability) where you can connect with other members to motivate and support each other.

Challenges last 30 days and cost $10.  They include weekly workouts, recipes, articles and training tips and group support and camaraderie!

November 2019:
“10,000 steps a day!

Rack up 10,000 steps (or about 5 miles) every day of November!  This challenge includes a private group where you can track your steps/mileage for added accountability and cheer on other group members.  We will also be posting regular workouts and mini challenges to keep you on track and motivated during the dark, cold days.  Learn more, sign up now HERE. 

December 2019
“Do something Active every day!”


Join this social virtual challenge where we will motivate and encourage each other to stay active during the darkest days of the busy holiday season!  Anything goes for this challenge as long as it is at least 30 minutes (according to the Surgeons general, American Heart Association and most other medical bodies out there that is the amount of daily exercise we need to prevent chronic disease and to look and feel our best!).
Walking, swimming, biking, strength training, yoga, snowshoeing, running, boxing, you name it, as long as you are moving for 30 minutes it all counts!
This challenge includes a private group with built in accountability and support, 1-2 workouts a week and some fun mini challenges AND our famous “12 Days of Fitness” daily add-on workouts!

Learn more/sign-up now HERE.

Past challenges:

May “Everest” Elevation challenge:

everest challenge

How much elevation can you gain in one month?

Set a goal and then see how much elevation you can get in one month. Run, walk, stair climb or hike!

Join this social virtual challenge where we will motivate and encourage each other to create habits and establish consistency in our workouts, especially for those with summer races and big hikes planned!

We will be awarding the first person who gains the equivalent elevation of climbing Mount Everest, 29,029 feet (or the person who gets the closest by the end of the month) a package of prizes from our partners including a summer race entry, trucker hat, run/hike apparel and more!!

Included in the challenge:

– Access to a private facebook group where we will post motivating messages, workout ideas, training tips and resources. Make sure to join to support and cheer on your friends and fellow challenge goers!

– An open tracking spreadsheet where you can track your elevation gain and see how you are stacking up against others in the group

– Workout ideas to get in your elevation in fun and efficient ways (including several strength workouts to prepare those quads, glutes and calf muscles for all of the extra climbing)!

– Treadmill and stairmaster workouts for days you cannot make it outdoors for your workout and a tool to convert mileage/grade to elevation gain.

We will also be doing several special mini challenges over the month including:
– Most elevation in one day
– Best picture from a run/hike
– Most elevation workouts done outdoors (must take screenshots with time stamp and post these after each one)
– Grand prize to the first person who gains the equivalent elevation of climbing Mount Everest, 29,029 feet (or the person who gets the closest by the end of the month).

$8.50 fee (+ Eventbrite fee) which makes the total just under $10! 

—–> L2S members participate in all challenges free of cost and receive other amazing perks too! Learn more about membership at:


March 2019
Pi run streak challenge

As spring approaches, we are working on building up our base for race season!!  Now is the perfect time to hone in on our running and work on consistency.   It’s time for a Pi run streak challenge:  Can you run 3.14 miles each day of March??

Challenge includes: 
– Weekly training tips, workouts and resources to support your training
– An amazing private community that will provide accountability, camaraderie and support
– Double miles for running on Pi day (3.14)
– Virtual medal for everyone who tracks 3.14 miles (running only) EVERY day of March!
– Discounts for local 5k runs and local gyms
– Free social run, happy hour and discount shopping night with Road Runner Sports on March 27th

All challenges are FREE for L2S members.  Learn more about supporting our amazing community and all perks now HERE.


January 2018
Jump start fitness challenge

 Get a jump start on your health, fitness and adventure goals for 2018 with the support and camaraderie of a positive community!
This unique challenge entails setting a mini goal to be 
completed by the end of the month. Something realistic and measurable. We will post workouts, training tips and resources daily to help you reach your individual goal. Choose from a list of stock goals or create your own (you can pick more than one!)

On January 30th, we will each commit to an indivudal Epic Goal. Something BIG that you would like to achieve in 2018. We will provide a goal planning worksheet to help set you up for success and the encouragement to take that first step towards reaching your big goal.

Choose from a list of stock goals/mini challenges or create your own (you can pick more than one!)   Learn more

Learn more/sign up now HERE.