REGISTRATION is closed for the 2017 season but stay tuned for our 2018 launch!

If you are looking for a custom training program for an upcoming hike, summit or multi-day adventure for yourself or a group please contact Lauren for more info at:  lifes2shortfitness@gmail.com

Support, training and community to hike your first 14er!

If Colorado is known for one thing, it is the Rocky Mountains and the 54 fourteen thousand foot peaks so many hikers, weekend warriors and outdoor lovers attempt to summit each summer.

Hiking up and down a 14er is almost a right of passage in Colorado these days and rightly so; standing on top of a peak, taking in the view of the snow capped peaks and that exhilarating feeling of accomplishment is a once in a lifetime experience.

Check out our new L2S 14er training plan which includes: 

  •  6 week training plan (to complete on your own or with friends)
  • 2 recommended strength workouts a week
  • 3 recommended cardio workouts a week (including hikes at specific trails across the front range)
  • 1 group “training hike” and clinic on what to wear, pack, eat, etc..
  • Guided hikes up some of Colorado’s most beautiful and best 14ers for beginners
    *Your guide will carry extra snacks, water and first aid.  She will also be your trip photographer and will share all photo’s of your accomplishment with the group post hike!


After we conquer the peak we will meet for lunch to celebrate at local historic Colorado restaurants like the famous Beau Jo’s pizza in Idaho Springs.

Can’t make it on one of the above dates for the group summit?

Follow the program on your own (or with friends and family) and hike the peak on a date that works best for you!   After registration you will have access to our free facebook group where you will be able to meet other active local women just like you who might be able to join you on your hiking adventures!!


  • First ascent: $80*
  • 2nd ascent (required completion of training program and 1st peak with L2S): $60
  • 3 peak package: $180 (commit to all 3 summits and get the training program for free!)

*Includes training program, a requirement for those summiting their first 14er with L2S.
—–> L2S members save %15 on all our programs and clinics!!  Learn more about membership HERE.  

You can choose any of the below Peaks for your “first ascent” with us.    If you do more than one summit with us the 2nd peak is just $60 (as you’ve already completed the training plan and are ready to go!).

Reserve your spot now, these are small group summits so spaces are limited!!


Congrats to everyone who completed our “Hike a 14er” course and summited Mt. Bierstadt – 14,060 ft on September 4th, 2016!

More pictures and info  from the 2016 summit on the official event page for the group HERE.  

IMG_0094 IMG_0124