L2S trail club membership

For women who love trail running and want to support our amazing community!

  • Social runs (guided/supported) at least once a week, many will end at a local brewery!
  • Discounts on all L2S run related programs and events*
  • Partner discount packet
  • Race team: Volunteer crews and tents at races
  • Hikes with potential to lead up to 13er or 14er summit
  • Arrange shuttles for longer adventure runs (like sections of the CT)
  • Give back: We will have monthly trail work projects you can join to help give back to the trails we love and use so much!
  • Access to our private strava group with routes. 
  • Special events like self defense clinics, special shopping nights w/gear discounts and demos, film festival viewings and more.

Who is this for?
Women who love and have gone through and maybe outgrown our programs but still want to be a part of and support this amazing community we’ve built!

—–> Please note this is NOT a formal training program, we obtain permits for the group social runs however they are not coached. If you are interested in more structured training or have a specific goal (like a half marathon or longer) OR are completely new to trail running check out our formal programs here.

$12/month OR $109 for a year

What if I am already a L2S member?
This is a separate membership for women who love trail running and includes different activities and perks. If you are have a general L2S membership and would love to change over to the run club membership no problem!
You will also see a discount for the run club membership if you’d like to keep both.

More about the social runs: 

  • We will try to offer several options a week for different levels and paces.
  • Our volunteer run leaders will have cold water and snacks at the end of each run
  • No drop runs! We will send out or review the route prior to starting and encourage the “buddy system” runners of the same pace/ability to stick together.

What is this race team?
We have a list of events we are training for as a group and you can add your own too! We have or are working on discount codes for many of them and you can also sign up to volunteer or setup a cheer station at events to support other women in the group! We will come up with some cute tshirt, tanks and or hats to wear and represent at each event.

15% discounts applied to: