Race team

      Join the L2S race team!

How does it work?

The L2S Race Team is a social club for women who love trail running and/or mountain biking who want to support their fellow ladies and spread the word about the Life’s 2 Short community. 

There are no performance standards; all you need is a love for your sport, a desire to support other women, and the ability to race at one event per year.

L2S is all about community. Having a group of friends that have been by your side through the challenges of training and then the camaraderie and support on race day is so important! 

——> Join our FREE community race team just for women who love trail running and/or mountain biking!

What are race team members expected to do?

To join the team, all you have to do is purchase an official team shirt below. As a race team member, you’ll be expected to:

  • Participate in one race annually
  • Participate as cheerleader/support crew in one race on the Life’s 2 Short event calendar annually
  • Participate in one trail work day annually 
  • Wear your team shirt at any events you attend

What perks do team members get?

  • Base Camp tent at select races for social time; a safe spot for personal belongings; pre-race coaching and group warm-up; and snacks!
  • Free access to monthly social rides and/or runs
  • Access to L2S community events, including self defense clinics and gear demos and more! 
  • Discount codes for select races
  • Private Facebook group and Slack channel for team members to communicate meetups
  • For many events, L2S will also coordinate group lodging and carpool for members.
  • An inclusive community of like-minded women who will be by your side through the challenges of training and the fun of race day!

How do I join?

Purchase a L2S race team shirt here

You will receive an introductory email after your purchase with more details, including the Life’s 2 Short event calendar, discount codes, access to the private Facebook group and more!

Looking for other ways to get involved?

Learn more about becoming a coach or volunteer trailblazer here.

Consider supporting L2S by becoming an annual member!
Annual membership includes a discount on all training programs, special events and adventure retreats plus so much more! 
Also by supporting L2S  10% of your membership fee goes towards our new scholarship program + other community based charitable projects to give back to the spaces we love and use so much!
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Let’s set some big goals for 2022!

“When you want to go fast go alone, when you want to go far go together”