We’ve created a database of the best groups, clubs, clinics, events, websites and apps for you to learn and connect with other active women and moms.  Check it out!

Facebook groups: 

Denver Trail Runners

A free group for people who like running trails in the Denver area.  Weekly group runs at different trails across the front range.  Geared more towards intermediate/advanced trail runners.

Women Trail Runners of Colorado:
This group is for all women who want to learn more about trail running!  Post your questions and let’s share resources, insights on training, gear and our adventures on the trail! 

Women mountain bikers of Colorado:  
Ditto but for women who love mountain biking or are new to the sport and want to learn more!

Women SUP Colorado:
Ditto but for women who love standup paddle boarding or are new to the sport and want to learn more!

Switchback Chics of Colorado:
Community for Colorado women who enjoy hiking, backpacking, skiing, mountain biking, SUP and more!  Free community events.

OCR Women and Moms:
A Facebook group dedicated to providing resources, support and a community for women to share insights on all things mud and obstacle course racing

Colorado Obstacle Course racers: 
This group is like a tight-knit family unit.  By joining the group you will find new friends to train and compete with, plenty of insights and inspiration!

Websites we love:  

Trail running magazine:
Many amazing resources and useful articles on gear, training and more!

Active Mamas and Moms to Be
Join other active moms in Colorado for group hikes, workouts and adventures!

Jeffco Open Space:
TONS of resources and events to learn more about Colorado wildlife, trail work/volunteer opportunities and listings of all Jefferson county parks and trails.

Women’s Outdoor Alliance Colorado:
A nonprofit collective that strives to promote women & grow like-minded organizations in their efforts to get women involved in the world of outdoor sports. The activities we promote require human-powered initiative and space away from city limits. This includes, but is not limited to: skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, expeditions, kayaking, rock & ice climbing, surfing, mountain & road biking, canyoneering, trail running, and backpacking.  Join this free facebook group to meet like-minded outdoorsy Colorado ladies to share your adventures with!

Running with Kids:
Resources, workouts and inspiration for active and adventurous parents

Trail Sisters:
Insightful articles and posts highlighting women’s experiences and adventures in the outdoors

Daily Outdoor Workouts:
Free workouts posted daily that you can do anytime, anywhere!

Great Apps!

1.  Trail Run Project:  find the best trails near you for trail running!  This app ranks trails like a ski hill
2.  Mountain Bike project:  find the best trails near you for mountain biking!  This app ranks trails like a ski hill

3.  Run Stroll Hike:  Good app for parents to find kid and stroller friendly hiking and running trails

4.  Denver Playgrounds and Parks and Denver’s best playgrounds:
Playgrounds are not just for kids anymore!   You can get an amazing workout using the swings, monkey bars and other playground structures.  
These apps presents an overview of more than 700 public playgrounds in the metro area