Road Warriors- Run/yoga

Have you dabbled in running but never loved the sport?  Or maybe you are a seasoned runner looking to improve your running technique, increase your pace or prevent overuse injuries.
Life’s 2 Short fitness has partnered up with the Yoga Pod Littleton for a 6 week run/yoga series.
Whether you are training for your first 5k or are a veteran marathoner, these classes are perfectly paired to help you run and feel stronger, healthier and more mindful in 2017!

Runners need yoga
.  As runners, we all struggle with strength and flexibility issues, not to mention mental agility, all of which, when addressed, can open the door to faster times, more comfortable distances and overall positive attitude about the sport.

During this 6-week run/yoga series, we will start each session with a professionally coached 45 minute run. Runs will incorporate a proper warm-up and will vary by distance and intensity with specific objectives built into each session including work on running form/biomechanics, intervals, pacing, breathing and more.  Longer run options will be available to those looking for an added challenge or training for a longer distance event.

img_4135Run session details: 

Session #1:
Introduction to proper warm-up and running form drills + 2 mile easy run

Session #2:  

2:1 intervals.  Learn how hard you should be pushing during your intervals and how to properly recovery between sets.

Session #3:

More long form running drills to work on strength, endurance and overall running mechanics

Session #4:
Hill repeats- yes, these can be fun!

Session #5:
1 mile time trial
After a 10 minute warm-up we will set you free to see how fast you can do 1 mile.   It is important to know your current fitness level and what you are capable of and this information can be useful for building a training regime for longer distance training runs and races.

Session #6:  
Pulling it all together:
A fun group 5k run on a fun preset course on a combination of road and trail.

14715718_1687781338135159_1110241273578415625_oYoga session details: 

 Each run will be followed by a 60-75 minute post run PodFlow class at Yoga Pod  Littleton. Athletes will learn to breath more deeply with an intention to release tight spaces in the body. Through the connection of breath and movement, flow and stillness, you will ultimately discover greater relief from muscle pain and fatigue.
Learn more about the Yoga Pod Littleton and all of their amazing class offerings HERE. 


New sessions launching soon!  Fill out the contact form below with your info to be the first to know when we launch.


Run sessions will take place at Clement Park.
7706 W Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO 80123
We will meet at the playground, park in the top most lots above/behind the Jefferson country library.

The Yoga classes are at the new Yoga Pod Littleton, located within the Southwest Plaza shopping mall at 8501 West Bowles Avenue #1275, Littleton.

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—–>  New sessions launching soon!  Fill out the contact form below with your info to be the first to know when we launch.