Couch to Trails 5k program

Have you always wanted to run a 5k?

Do you love hiking and being in the outdoors? 

Join our Couch to Trails 5k program!

Running on trails helps you become a strong, stable runner. With the mountains in our backyard, why stay on the roads? Learn how to safely tackle trails and join a community of like-minded women!

Who is this program for?

Women looking for support and community to train for their first 5k on the trails! Previous hiking experience is helpful; previous running experience is not required. 

We accommodate all levels of fitness and no previous running experience is required. This program is meant for learning and fun, not to be a race!

How does the program work?


The Couch to Trails 5k program has six-week sessions from spring to fall. Summer sessions take place on Thursday evenings at 6pm.

  • Spring session: Mid April- late May- FULL
  • Summer session: Early June- Mid July
  • Fall session: early September- mid October

Coaching Structure

Each clinic is about 20% lecture and 80% running and skill work on the trail. The course builds up to a 3.1-mile graduation trail run at the end of six weeks!

Download a sample class structure here >> 

Topics include:

  • Power hiking and breathing techniques
  • Trail and wildlife safety
  • Injury prevention and overall fitness
  • Helpful and appropriate gear
  • Mental strategies


Runs will take place along the C-470 corridor between Castle Rock and Golden. 

What do program fees include?

  • Small group sessions to maximize coach to participant ratio 
  • In-person, skill-based training by exercise physiologists and professional running coaches who are seasoned trail runners
  • Six-week training program that includes strength-conditioning and cross-training workouts
  • Handouts and recaps of each week’s topic
  • Most runs have volunteer Trailblazers to stay with back of the pack runners.
  • Running-specific, functional strength-training
  • Private Slack group to communicate with other program participants and coaches. 
  • Discounts on gear, trail races and more L2S programs
  • Local running route suggestions
  • Discounts on race entries, shoes, and gear
  • A safe, inclusive community for trail runners who identify as women

What is the goal?

The Grand finale of the 6 week program will be to participate in a 5k trail run as a group OR a 5k distance adventure run. We will take our time to soak in the scenery and put together everything we’ve been working so hard on, after all, it’s all about the journey!

How much does the program cost?

The Couch to 5k Trails program is $169 for six weeks.

Who coaches the program?

Susie Burns is a certified UESCA coach who fell in love with running later in life. 

Laura Cardon is most passionate about helping others discover the joy of trail running. She’s a UESCA-certified run coach, works part-time at Runners Roost Golden, and creates beginner-friendly guides to the outdoors at

Lauren Jones has a degree in exercise science, sports performance with certifications in sports medicine and has explored trails and raced all over the world.

Lindsay LaForce has been practicing physical therapy for 10 years, specializing in endurance athletes and return to run programming. She is a Certified POSE Running Technique specialist and an ultra runner, Ironman, and momma of two.

Program fees