Strength + conditioning for trail runners

L2S is excited to offer the ONLY in-depth, custom designed VIRTUAL strength and conditioning programming just for trail runners on the market.
Our weekly workouts are designed by exercise physiologists and professional run coaches to give you guidance, structure and to ensure you are doing the proper movements to reach your goals! 

Why should I be doing strength and conditioning training?

We help you to build a strong foundation from the ground up. No cookie cutter workouts or guesswork, this membership will supply you with novel weekly workouts designed just for trail runners so you know exactly what you should be doing to become a stronger, more injury proof athlete.

Your weekly workouts will be uploaded into our custom app where you will be able to complete them on your time wherever you are in the world- with some messages from us along the way to make sure you are staying on track. We provide the structure so that all you have to do is login and get moving!

Injury prevention:
Injuries typically occur because a runner has exceeded the body’s capacity to manage the load (of running). Our programming introduces proper loading of the tissues in a controlled and structured manner.
Stronger muscles protect the joint structures and our strength + conditioning workouts target weak spots for runners including glutes, hamstrings and deep hip stabilizers (core). Lastly, you are only as solid as your foundation! Your plan will come loaded with specific drills to help you improve ankle and foot strength and stability- key for trail runners!

Full body workout w/timer and exercise video demonstrations!

Prevent burnout:
We are sure that all you want to do is run and have loads of excuses for why you cannot dedicate time for a strength routine, but running too much simply it isn’t good for you.
L2S is all about balance and moderation; by implementing our programming we hope you find that you are running with increased ease, less pain and more enjoyment!
We are experts in this field and you will soon see the industry is changing and moving towards the training principles that we’ve been touting and practicing for years: less is more when it comes to running!
Not only are you at higher risk for overuse injuries by running too much, you also increase the risk for burnout, overtraining syndrome and eventually, lose the joy for the sport you love so much.

We all aspire to be like our favorite professional runner or athlete. But most of us are not fortunate enough to have the genetics or time to commit to training at that level. Some mistakenly believe that in order to be a good runner or to improve your speed, PR and performance you simply need to run more. This could not be further from the truth. If we really look at what the pros do sure, many of them are putting in big mileage weeks however they are also dedicating a significant amount of time to the most important work: building and maintaining strength, mobility and recovery.

Program details:

  • One strength workout* a week that includes stretching and/or foam rolling.
  • One agility + performance** OR conditioning + recovery workout*** a week
  • Video and/or picture demonstrations of all exercises to ensure you are completing each with proper form
  • Programming by exercise physiologists, professional running coaches and seasoned trail and ultra runners.
  • Workouts are evergreen. They will stay under your profile so if you have a favorite workout you can go back and complete it and following our guidelines choose workouts that fit within your training cycle.
Train hard so you can run STRONG this summer and better enjoy all of your high mountain adventures!

*Strength routines:
Our strength routines are designed to target energy systems and muscle groups important for strength, endurance and performance for trail runners specifically.

**Agility and performance:
This is a quick hit workout designed with the objective to help you to improve running mechanics, increase turnover, agility, footwork and can be completed as a warm-up prior to a run or strength session or as a stand alone workout.

***Conditioning and recovery:
These sessions focus on commonly underused, neglected muscle groups with work on mobility, balance, stability, flexibility and glute and core strength.

—–> Check out our YouTube page here, we’ve already shared a ton of FREE workouts and drills here to get you started and to give you an idea of the types of activities to expect in the paid program.
Also here is an article with 5 basic exercises you should begin today and lastly here are some workouts we’ve posted on our website for runners and general fitness.


Equipment you will need:

Most workouts are body weight or require minimal equipment (see below list). If you do have a gym membership and access to machines we’ve got you covered too!
1-2 workouts a month will include basic modalities you can find at most fitness facilities. And remember, all workouts will be saved under your account so if you are traveling and have gym access at your hotel, simply pull up one of these workouts and go!

  • A set of hand-weights (ideally between 8-15lbs)
  • Several fitness bands
  • Foam roller
  • Access to at least 1 flight of stairs
  • Cell phone (to download our app)
  • Access to a sports field that has lines (find a local school, most have a soccer or football field you can use)
  • Using natural surroundings, park and playground equipment. 

Support and guidelines:
We will give prescribed reps for each exercise and will also provide guidelines for adjusting reps and weight depending where you are on your training cycle. For example if you are 6+ months out from your big race (off-season) you will be doing less reps and more weight.  As you get closer to race day you will focus more on endurance and performance with maintenance and body weight exercises.
The programming setup fee includes our best practices handbook with guidelines on when to use workouts (periodization principles), how to modify workouts, what types of weights to choose, where to purchase any needed equipment and more.

$20 setup fee and then only $12/month which breaks down to just $1.50 for each workout!

Team BU and L2S members save 15% discount on monthly program fee, Current program participants or coaching clients save 10%