Meet the Team

Kriste Peoples is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to share her love of trails, whether she’s running, hiking, snowshoeing, or backpacking. She’s an instructor for the Women’s Wilderness Institute, our head beginner trail running coach, Wilderness First Responder and a leader for Outdoor Afro and Women’s Wilderness Institute AND a proud coach for L2S Fitness–all of which means she can often be found pointing excitedly at park maps and cheering adventurous souls around the next turn.
Having made an unofficial shift away from road running just few short years ago, she’s still discovering the beauty of Colorado’s numerous trails, and has yet to find an adventure she loves more than trail running.
By day, she works at a New Age media company that shares in another of her passions: making the world a better, brighter place.

Meet Brie Bustos!

My name is Brie and I moved to Golden, CO almost 20 years ago from a little town in Iowa.  I came out here to finish college and fell in love with all things this amazing state has to offer.  For the 1st ten years I lived here I saw Colorado as a triathlete.  Spending my summers swimming, biking and running all around the front range.  Winter was reserved for skiing.  I’ve been an avid skier since I moved here and began back country skiing a couple years ago to get away from the crowds and closer to mother nature.  I’ve fallen in love with skinning and the uphill skiing portion that back country skiing has to offer.  I’ve given up triathlons for now to focus on paddle boarding, mountain biking and hiking in warmer temps. I have two kiddos and two cats who love the outdoors as much as I do!  You will see them on the trails with me – snow, sun, water and all.  I love sharing my passion for travel, adventure and the outdoors with anyone wanting to learn!  And if you ever get me started talking gear you may never shut me up!
Brie is co-leading our mountain biking courses + groups and she is also the Colorado Chapter lead of our partner Switchback Chics of Colorado.  You can read more about her adventures and training/gear insights on her blog HERE.  

Lauren Jones grew up in Littleton, CO and has been running, biking and hiking the front range trails for over 20 years!  She has her degree in exercise science and sports performance and has been working as a trainer and coach for 15 years.  Lauren is the mother of 2 active little boys and is the founder of Life’s 2 Short Fitness.  She is passionate about introducing women to new sports and empowering them to overcome obstacles, build confidence and explore the outdoor world.  Learn more about Lauren here.

Meet Susan Yasuhara!
I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA and moved to Colorado 16 years ago.  After moving to Colorado, I became a triathlon coach so I could help women achieve their goal to do their first triathlon (I can’t believe it’s been over 25 years since I did my first triathlon!), learn how to run or overcome their fear of the water.  I especially enjoy helping the non-traditional athlete, such as those who may not have grown up doing sports, Athenas and older athletes.
I am the owner of Karma Multisport, a women’s multisport team, where I provide group and private triathlon/swim coaching, training plans and bring people together for social and workout activities.
Open water and swimming are special areas of interest for me, especially since experiencing a near drowning as a child and having to get over my fear of water for so many years.  I finally learned how to swim in my 30s, and have since done several open water swims – Washington Bridge, Portland Bridge relay, Alcatraz, and soon the Long Bridge Swim in Idaho.  My goal is to do one of the open water swim trips in the Galapagos and the Greek Cyclades.  Overcoming a fear of water is challenging mentally, physically and emotionally but with the right mindset and focus tools, you can do it, too!
I started mountain biking over 2 years ago and found it terrifying, challenging, and exciting to learn a new skill later in my athletic career.  I look forward to helping newbies in the sport to build their confidence and master a new sport so they can explore what the trails of Colorado and surrounding states have to offer. When I’m not lifeguarding, volunteering at the Denver Zoo, traveling or working out, I’m planning my next adventure to see what new challenge I can conquer.  I look forward to working with the L2S community of adventure seekers and helping you achieve your next goal.

Tonya Fuller has been running for almost 30 years. She spends a lot of the time on the road, but found a love of trail running after moving to Colorado 7 years ago.  Tonya has also been a triathlete for the past 10 years, competing in distances from sprint to Iron distance, and enjoys XC skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking as well. Recently, she became a certified UESCA run coach and loves working with people to improve form and speed in running. Tonya’s “real” job is as a Physical Therapist, a wife, and mother to her 4 legged fur baby.


Gus “the Bus” Fehn spends all day at her “professional” job daydreaming of mountain biking.  She is a self procliamed extreme sports addict with extensive experience in Roller Derby, triathlon, backcountry snowboarding, canyoneering, backpacking, endurance swimming, trail running.  As a military veteran she is trained and skilled in backcountry survival, first aid, and avalanche/winter survival.  Gus’ love for riding started in 2008 where she quickly learned “the right number of bikes to own is N+1”.  She has completed dozens of endurance road and trail cycling events including local events such as the Breck Epic and Copper Triangle. As a Level 1 Certified MTB Coach, Gus will inspire your love for shredding with hours in the saddle and epic climbing.   If you love 80s music mixed with sweat, join her in the offseason for  the legendary L2S Spin classes!

Leah Coil is a Southern California Native, who grew up living near and playing on the beaches of LA & the OC (surfing/SUP’n, beach volleyball, road biking and rollerblading. She also was a ballet dancer and practiced a few forms of martial arts). She started mountain biking in 2008 and gave up road biking for good to play in the dirt. Shortly after that, she joined an all women’s mountain bike group in So. OC (Trail Angels); where encouragement, instruction and friendships were made. Through that experience she developed a desire to share her passions of mountain biking and SUP’n and seeing women conquer their fears and self-limitations, building confidence and empowering them while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors and the shared strength of the women around them. In 2014, she had the opportunity to move to Colorado and has loved every moment exploring. Leah is looking forward to coaching both mountain biking and SUP through L2S! Let’s Ride!

Alexandra Hanley is a Michigan native who relocated to Colorado in 2008. After a several road half marathons and a few full marathons in this beautiful state, she started running trails with Lifes2Short and forever chose dirt over pavement. Since then, she’s completed two 50ks and a few trail half marathons, and is always looking for the next challenge while training with this incredible group of women. When there’s snow on the ground you’ll find her snowshoeing, boarding and trail running. Warmer months are reserved for hiking 14ers (25 peaks to-date), camping, mountain biking, and of course more trail running – anything active to balance out her other love in life…eating.
Alexandra is also an active member of the community, spending her free time serving on the associate board for board Girls on the Run of the Rockies since 2016 and has been a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado since 2012.

Lisa Orgren moved to Colorado from Southern California 2 years ago and fell in love with trail running. She enjoys the challenge of the climb, the beauty of nature surrounding her and the speed of the descent. But even more than that, she loves the amazing women she’s met who run with her.  As a new trailblazer, she can’t wait to share her enthusiasm and the art of the running selfie with others.  In addition to trail running, Lisa enjoys training for and competing in triathlons, obstacle course races and road running races.

Meet Talitha Vogt!

For as long as she can remember, she’s been all about being outdoors, trying hard things, and never being bothered by getting dirty while doing it. A late-teen group trip to a ski resort in Tennessee left her mesmerized by mountain sports. At the suggestion of a friend, she tried mountain biking and (obviously) fell in love with it.  In fact, just 6 short months later, she was already competing in her first race. That first bike race, in which a newbie faux-pas caused her to flip off the side of a mountain in North Georgia, is a story for another time, and you may hear her share it in one of her clinics- likely the one in which she teaches you the exact skill to avoid that type of crash. 

When she turned 30, she decided to pursue things more seriously and see where it took her.  She knew it was a pretty long shot to start so late in life to try to compete at a higher level, but she decided to give it a go anyway.  She started by hiring an amazing coach who “put her through the ringer” with a rigorous training schedule. She competed in XC MTB, cyclocross, short track, sprint-distance triathlons, and even some ultra-events like centuries and XC marathons. It was an incredible journey!
Between juggling a full, then part-time job, travel, bike races, recovering, as well as life’s normal ups and downs, racing didn’t necessarily come easy for her. But finally, after seven action-packed years, she reached her bike career goals in 2012/2013- standing on the podium at Colorado State Champs as well as at Nationals- and rounding out her final year by racing locally in the pro/open class. It truly was a dream come true. She then took the next 5 years off to focus on other things, like traveling, relaxing, and finally returning to school to further her education, where she chose to focus on a few different coaching specialties.
Talitha is now a certified endurance and behavior change coach with an elite racing background. She has 22 years of experience as a mountain biker is looking forward to sharing her endurance knowledge, mountain bike skills and mindset tips with the L2S community, fostering a space for everyone to rock their goals and truly shine as they were meant to! 

Teresa Kloser is an Iowa native who has been living the active Colorado lifestyle – skiing, snowboarding, hiking, trail running, cycling, and camping – since moving to Colorado after college. In 2010, she did her first road bike vacation in France, which led to cycling trips in Cuba, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia. While road biking has allowed her to see the world from two wheels, mountain biking is her true passion. The challenge of mountain biking rugged terrain combined with the beauty of the outdoors make mountain biking an exhilarating adventure. In 2020, she enrolled in the L2S Beginner Mountain Bike course to improve her skills. It was a game-changer for her, elevating her technique and providing the confidence to tackle nearly any terrain. She is looking forward to sharing the L2S experience and joy of
mountain biking with other women as she Trailblazes in the 2021 season.

Laura Cardon fell in love with trail running after moving to Colorado in 2013. Since then, she hasn’t run particularly fast or far, but is most passionate about helping others discover the joy of trail running. She’s a UESCA-certified run coach, works part-time at Runners Roost Golden, and creates beginner-friendly guides to the outdoors at

Lisa Davis is a native Texan who came to Denver in 2012.  As a former college basketball player, she’s no stranger to sports, but didn’t discover a love for running until her mid-30s.  She was a road runner for several years, completing two full marathons (New York City and Chicago) and many half marathons, 10k’s, and 5k’s, but after being introduced to the Colorado trails has forever been converted to a trail runner!  You’ll find Lisa outdoors exploring our beautiful state trail running, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and practicing yoga.

Susie Burns enjoys a long day on the trails. She didn’t fall in love with running until “later” in life (40’s). But once it clicked, she was all in. With each new distance conquered, she felt a huge desire to tackle the next. Originally from hot and humid Louisiana, she moved to CO 5 years ago. What drew her here was the unlimited amount of paths and trails to adventure on. She is never hesitant to head out and discover new trails with her furbabies but having a group of like-minded ladies to go with is the best. She recently became a certified UESCA ultramarathon coach and looks forward to sharing what she knows with others. She is always looking to motivate others to push further into longer distances. 

Lindsay LaForce, PT, DPT, has been practicing physical therapy for 10 years with the majority of her career spent treating endurance athletes and specializing in video gait analysis and return to run programming; as well as, educating/ training other physical therapists in the treatment of endurance athletes and VGA. She is a Certified POSE Running Technique specialist and an ultra runner, Ironman and momma of two.