We asked previous participants of our running and biking programs what they thought. Check out the reviews of our programs and coaches below. We love our community!

Coach Kriste leads our our Beginner trail running course and trail running training group!

What do you like about our program(s) and Positive feedback or anything constructive for our coaches?

The coaches are all awesome!!! I love the Trail Blazers too! They make us slower runners feel more comfortable. I love that you take us to a variety of locations to give us exposure to all of our wonderful outdoor opportunities!

Everyone was so awesome, kind and knowledgeable. I love the ethos of this company and the spirit it brings out in everyone involved.

Everything! This course pushes you mentally, but under the careful watch and direction of Leah everything was possible. I loved learning with a group of ladies together as we all encouraged one another along.

Supportive and patient coaches, inclusive ‘team’ environment, organized and thorough

The coach, Kristie Peoples, the organized group of ladies, the locations, the small chunks of information to build skill.

Coach Leah leads our beginner mountain biking course and skills/downhill for our MTB club!

Testimonial of the program and/or coaches you’d like to share?

If you are looking to get started on trail running, this is the group for you! Lauren and her posse of coaches and trail blazers make this learning experience a guaranteed success! The pre-run knowledge instruction and on-trail guidance is provided in a positive and encouraging manner so that all runners advance their skills. Thank you for making my 2020 full of accomplishments!

Awesome course! I learned so much and feel more confident on my bike already. This course gave me the foundational skills I lacked to move forward and become the biker I want to be. Thank you for putting this together and for the women who cheered me on, what a great experience.

Enrolling in this course was one of the best decisions I have made for myself in a long time. Learning a new sport and getting to enjoy the outdoors with a group of fun and supportive woman has brought me so much joy and fulfillment. I feel empowered to keep learning and challenging myself on the trails all thanks to this great experience.

I have been working our with Life’s 2 Short Fitness for a year and all the coaches are enthusiastic, encouraging and knowledgeable. I love learning about new trails in the denver metro area. I highly recommend this group!

Coach Leah was our main instructor for the Beginner’s series and she was so positive, knowledgeable and patient. Gave great, specific feedback that we could immediately apply on trail no matter what level we started at. The progression of the skills was perfect, a mini lesson and then immediate on-the-trail application kept you from having to think about too many things at one time. I’ve ridden at other clinics and am asked how long I have been riding (under a year) and they tell me that they can tell I’ve had training. Whenever I’m out riding now, I frequently reflect on how much better I have become and there is lots of fun and joy in that. I have skills in areas that my friends who have been riding for years don’t have and I’ve truly found a passion for this sport.

If you are someone who likes to ride in a community of fellow like minded women and be guided by expert coaches then this club is for you. You’ll never feel alone on a trail again and you know that you’ll be supported no matter what happens along the way.

Coach Kriste was absolutely wonderful, positive and upbeat throughout the runs! She always greeted us with a smile.

Leah is amazing! She pushes you with positive reinforcement and delivers corrections in a constructive and productive way. Seeing her smile and demonstrate things each week makes me feel that I can truly do this! I was so nervous when the program began, but Leah has a way of calming your nerves and knowing your ability. I cannot believe the things I am doing after 4 weeks!

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