L2S Scholarship program

Life’s 2 Short Fitness is proud to host a community scholarship program to provide assistance to women who would like to experience outdoor activities like trail running and mountain biking.

APPLICATIONS OPEN JAN 10th- March 25th, 2023.

Who is this for?

Our scholarship is for Colorado women who do not have the means to participate in trail running and mountain biking activities. These are challenging times, and financial or other forms of hardship should never be a barrier to enjoy the outdoor activities we love so much.
Scholarship recipients will receive full funding plus necessary gear to participate in one of our trail running or mountain biking programs. They will enjoy coached sessions on the trails paired with clinics and education with local experts on gear, safety, wildlife and more.
Whatever life circumstances you may find yourself in, we want to help you or a loved one get outdoors and explore with us!

Applications are now open; you may also nominate a friend or family member who needs the scholarship.

Our team will review applications and will choose recipients on April 1st, 2023.

Trail running scholarship:

Mountain biking scholarship:

  • Free entry to participate in our beginner mountain biking course
  • 6-week mountain bike rental + discount to purchase a new bike at the end of the course
  • Basic gear kit: helmet, co2 cartridge, hand pump, multi- tool.
    *We will choose one recipient per session- spring, summer and fall

How can I help?

  1. Donate to the GoFundMe
  2. Donate gear! New and gently used gear only please. Please fill out this form with more info and we will be in touch to coordinate pick-up of the donated items.
  3. Spread the word! Please share this page on social media, running/biking groups, etc. Every little bit helps!
  4. Support L2S! When you sign up to become a member or participate in any of our programs 10% off proceeds go directly into the scholarship fund.