Strength and conditioning

Winter is here and as the trail running season winds down, this is the perfect time to work on your weaknesses, literally!
Strength and conditioning work is just as important as putting in the mileage in a training routine, if not more so.  Let’s spend the next 2 months together building a strong foundation so that you can run stronger and injury free in 2017!

DSC05312Track/hill/stair workouts: 

In these short but sweet 45-60+ minute sessions we will work on drills to improve running form and speed.  These structured workouts will be tough but appropriate for all levels of fitness and running experience.   

* These workouts are open to all (co-ed) so feel free to invite your gentlemen friends and family!

Through March 18th, Saturday or Sundays at 9:30am.  Wednesdays at 10am (free)

TRACK WORKOUTS at Newton Middle school track (just a quick hop off 1-25 and Arapahoe to Colorado blvd.   These workouts will include running form/biomechanics drills in addition to interval training and specific drills to workout on speed and endurance!

STAIR WORKOUTS:  At Red Rocks Amphitheatre for a stair climbing workout.  Expect drills, sprints, hops and more fun up and down the stairs and bleachers!   Meet at the Trading post.

HILL WORKOUTS:   At parks across Southwest Denver (see link to schedule below)- Hill repeat workouts.   Sprints and power hiking up the hills and work on control and technical skills on the downhills.

FREE Wednesday morning track workouts at Mountain Vista high school track (in Highlands Ranch), 10am.  Feel free to bring kids/babies along to this one, there is plenty of room to play and the workouts will be stroller friendly.  ** Wednesdays are free workouts and are subject to cancellation if it is below 30 degrees. 

 Pricing/register at the bottom of the page.

* After you register you will be sent a schedule monthly with locations and updates!


Small group strength and conditioning for Runners:

Tuesdays, 6:15pm at:633067
Runners Roost Denver
Boulevard Center, 1685 S Colorado Blvd J,
Denver, CO 80222

These 70 minute sessions will include:

– Specific exercises to strengthen muscles needed to run stronger, longer focusing on building strength for the steep hills and endurance for the long runs
– Work on balance and posture- crucial for trail runners!

– Exercises to target feet, ankles and commonly ignored small stabilizing muscles throughout the body
– Running form and cardio drills to improve anaerobic threshold and running efficiency.
– 15 minutes of foam roll and lacrosse ball rolling at the end of class to break down scar tissue, improve recovery, circulation, and flexibility
Stretches to target commonly tight muscles in runners that can lead to injury
– Workout and exercise recommendations for what you should be doing at home to maintain and build strength between sessions.

*Bring your own mat and foam roller (if you have one)

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$15 drop-in pay now or (show up and pay cash, check or credit card!!) OR purchase a punch card below and save $$!

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picsPunch card options: 

The punch card can be used for ALL of the above classes, including the track/stair and hill workouts AND the Obstacle course racing workouts starting on March 1st.
$67 for a 5 punch pass (less than $13.50/class)
$120 for a 10 class punch card ($12/class)
$200 for a 20 class punch card ($10/class)

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Don’t see a session that works in your schedule??

Leave your info in the contact form below and if we get enough interest in another day/time we may open up more offerings!